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Introduction Note ♪

Any requests? Questions? Anything to ask me about? Please feel free to leave a comment!

Anyway, feel free to friend me for updates! ♥♥♥

Credits ♪

I decided to compile all the links of images etc I used for various icons/letterheads/idontknowwhat into one post.


Oh man!

hahaha I totally forgot about the existence of this blog of mine :B

Realised my last post was in June 08!!

Now it's june again.. I'll probably make some letterheads or icons wtv one of these days since im having my one month school holiday break ^^

Probably on the current spring season animes ^^

Till then, bye!


Icons + Letterheads #02

I couldnt sleep so I spent the night/morning doing all these 8D Letterheads for you to print and write your letters :>
Don't really like some of the icons, but ah whatever, it's up so it's up. 

+ Nabari no ou icons x7
+ Vampire Knight icons x10
+ Hunter X Hunter icons x9
+ D. gray-man icons x17
+ Tactics icons x4

Total x47

+ Tactics letterheads x2
+ Vampire Knight letterheads x8
+ D.gray-man letterheads x4
+ Hunter x Hunter letterheads x2


x-posted in various places, sorry if you're in one or more of the communities I posted in and had to see the same post many times.

+Credits are not needed, just dont claim as own!
+Comments are nice

Credits to images used here

Icons + Letterheads #01

My first attempt in making proper anime icons after a very, very, very long time. Hope you like them!!!

+ Nabari no ou icons x13
+ D. Gray-man icons x7

Made some letterheads for you guys too to print them out and use as letterpapers whatever. 8D

+ Nabari No Ou letterheads x4
+ D. Gray-man letterheads x4

Photobucket Photobucket

Posters, posters!

Yes yes and so I recently decided to take all the posters I bought from China the other time to stick them up on my wall 8D Took down alll my posters and re stuck everything!

I know they look like really little here but theres ALOT of posters I spent like what, the whole night (or rather morning since its from 12am to ???) sticking them. They're mostly older animes though, since my posters were bought quite some time ago.

I'll be making letterheads and icons soon! 8D After I finish mugging Bio. Hehehehehe. My photoshop skills for icons are abit rusty.


Damn it's messy managing 3 blogs for 3 different things -_- 1 daily life, 1 for shopping sprees, and 1 for animes/mangas. Oh well hahahahahah.

Nabari no ou!

I've recently started watching Nabari no ou!!!!

Though the plot's kindof typical of those shounen anime storylines, like one boy - has the ability to do this or that or is needed for whatever and blah blah they must work together to save the world whatever. I still think it's quite a worthy anime to watch!

The character designs are awesome and the way Miharu always gets away with his wrong doings with his puppy face is just so bloody damn cute. So yes, the point of this whole post is......

YOITE!!!!!! C'mon, Yoite's teh smex. <3 I bet everyone else agrees too, yes? *everyone raises hands*

Pictures credit to animepaper.net

Yes and the opening and ending songs are wonderful too. The opening song just has that, one eye captures your heart feel to it, while the ending song makes you feel so damn depressed I dont know why. T^T



And so, this marks my first official post on this blog. I've got zero friends and I bet no one actually reads this blog. Ah whatever, I just need somewhere to throw my crazy fandoms. If you actually read this blog leave a comment and tell me okay?! At least I know just one person uhm, reads it?!?! And yes you can add me as a friend to become my first ever friend here woo0o0o0o.